Are you hungry to grow as a leader? 

From February 26th through until December 2021, we will be running our next internship program and we’d love you to join us! 

Traditionally our internships have run with a strong leadership focus, this year however our new look internship will be more focussed on personal growth, your passions and the way forward into a presence inspired life.

As a team, we love the millions of creative opportunities provided to grow and nurture our faith and experience of God’s love and presence. We therefore give a lot of time to worship, prayer, creativity and learning to listen to His voice in the scriptures and in our devotions.

This HEAD TO THE HEART internship is an exciting opportunity for you to journey into that growth through quality teaching, community lifestyle and mentoring on living in love from the heart.

We desire to raise up the very best versions of Christ lovers:
full of hope, love and life.

If this excited you and you would like to know more, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via Email for an information pack.



“The Tribe Internship has been phenomenal. It has taught me to live and lead from the heart in community. It has been an authentic, wild, deep and practical equipping in Kingdom Ministry. It has been challenging and has taught me to take healthy, courageous risks in loving and trusting myself, the Father and those around me. It’s more than just talk, it’s learning how to walk like Jesus did in authority, love, power and humility. Definitely would recommend in a heartbeat for anyone who wants to be radically unleashed in Kingdom Ministry from the heart.”

Prue Flipo 2020 Intern


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