Open day September 2023

September 15 – 16, 2023










Robert and Angelica Fenske

Guest speakers

Bohdan Omelchenko, Zawaar Guram, Alexandre Voyer

Your great chance to visit Charis

On Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of September come visit our day school or join us online for Open Days 2023 and experience a day in the life of a Charis Gold Coast student! This two-day event is an opportunity to expand your vision and direction for the future! Come and receive a genuine taste of Charis Bible College as you sit and enjoy inspiring live sharings and video teachings. Experience firsthand how God has already transformed the lives of others as you fellowship with current students and listen to their testimonies. This event promises to be memorable and could completely change your life by propelling you into the hope of His calling for you!

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities and it’s not hard to see why with the perfect balance of great weather, a beautiful environment, a growing economy, a broad mix of educational facilities, and loads of fantastic attractions for all ages. Whether you’re young or not so young, a new adventure into God’s best is a great place to start and Charis Gold Coast has something perfect to offer you.

Let Open Days 2023 mark the beginning of your transition into your destiny, calling, and life abundant. You’ll hear from God in ways you never have before and experience the fullness of being part of what we call “the Charis experience.” There’s nothing else like it!

Charis students develop firm foundations in the knowledge of who they are in Christ and what life looks like in a thriving relationship with God. This knowledge serves them well to excel at whatever they put their hand to in the future, whether that be furthering education, commencing or continuing a career, business, marriage, raising children, or retirement.

Day 3

Saturday, 31.04.2023

9:00 Doors open 15 min.
9:00 Live worship 60 min.
9:00 Charis Director: Rebecca Fenske 10 min.
9:00 BREAK 110 min.
9:00 Andrew Wommack (via video) 10 min.
9:00 BREAK 30 min.
9:00 Carrie Pickett (via video) 30 min.
9:00 BREAK 30 min.
9:00 Student Testimonies 10 min.
9:00 Charis program info sessionhg 15 min.