TRIBE is moving TWO Sunday gatherings  starting from SUNDAY 26th July! 

1) The afternoon gathering will be Family friendly with creche and kids ministry time. It will go from 2 – 4pm. 
– There will be a half hour tea break between the first and second gathering, 
2) The evening Gathering will follow from 4:30 – 7pm

– Kid’s ministry will ONLY be happening in the first meeting and will run for around 60 minutes.

– There will be a short time of ministry at the end of the first gathering and an extended time of ministry in the evening as we currently have.

We are excited about this new format and would love to encourage people who are wanting to come for both gatherings to stick around as the run time of the new format will be about the same as our current run time (which tends to be around 5 hours).

No doubt families with young children will be attracted to the afternoon gathering and under this new arrangement there will be opportunity for the husband or wife to stay on for the second gathering on an alternating basis if they wanted to get some extra time in the presence and extra ministry.

See you there on Sunday for a beautiful time together encountering the love and goodness of God!