Street Love

Street Love is the name of our evangelism strategy involving words of knowledge, prophecy, healing prayer and arts on the streets.

We normally go out in pairs to find our treasures, after we’ve waited on the Spirit of God for clues and words of knowledge. We pray with and for people, lay on hands for healing and bring joy and encouragement.

It can be through talking (Treasure Hunts), inviting people for healing (Healing Mats), or through visual art (Art Mats) where we bless people with prophetic paintings and words of destiny.

We also go into the heart of Byron on Friday nights (every second week) and serve free chai as well as create a safe place of peace and love with our drum circles and fire twirlers! We love to love upon the many people who are in town late on a Friday night.

Street Love and Chai is a joyful, effective and a powerful ministry of the Father’s Heart.