School Of Discernment

July 22, 2023









Your Hosts


Guest speakers

Ken Fish, Phil Mason, Maria Mason

Event Description

In this one-day seminar, Ken Fish will lead us on a journey into the wild world of spiritual discernment and the craftiness of the Serpent’s strategies and schemes. If you are passionate about seeing the church overcome, this is the seminar for you. Discernment is vital in these days. Our ability to discern spirits and expose and overthrow every subtle scheme of the enemy is indispensable in the intensity of this season.

Ken will be sharing on:

  • “What is Discernment?” Why do we need it, how do we develop it, and what are the advantages of it?
  • Discernment in Action” Let’s look at the practical applications of the discernment realm. This session will end with the impartation of truth and will sharpen you to know the season we are in!
  • Where we are Headed- Discerning Spirits with Wisdom and Spiritual Gifts!”

We will be joined by Phil and Maria Mason. Phil will be giving a workshop on:

  • Understanding the Gnostic Spirit.” Gnosticism emerged in the first century as a rival movement to apostolic Christianity. With its focus on knowledge (gnosis) the Gnostic spirit continues to entice believers into an aberration of the historic Christian faith, drawing them away from love for one another to a sense of superiority over others through higher revelation. Gnosticism continues to entice Charismatics away from the simple gospel. Phil to pray for discernment.

and Maria will be giving a workshop on:

  • The Battle for Sensitivity” The partnership between discernment and sensitivity is paramount. We discern God’s voice and the moving of the Spirit via trained senses. Some prophetic people are discerners, some are knowers, some are feelers, and some are seers! It’s time to identify the prophetically sensitive and encourage cultures of sensitivity in our communities.

There will also be a time for worship and prayer ministry at the end of the event from 4 to 6 PM.

Event Plan

Saturday, 29.04.2023

9:30 Doors open 30 Minutes Connect Time
10:00 What is Discernment? - with Ken Fish 60 min.
11:00 Morning Tea 20 min.
11:20 The Battle for Sensitivity - with Maria Mason 35 min.
11:55 Break 5 min.
12:00 Discernment in Action - with Ken Fish 60 min.
1:00 PM Lunch 60 min.
2:00 PM Understanding the Gnostic Spirit - with Phil Mason 35 min.
2:35 PM Break 5 min.
2:40 PM Discerning Spirits with Wisdom and Spiritual Gifts - with Ken Fish 60 min.
4:00 PM Worship and Prayer Ministry 120 min.