2015 is a time of infilling and fulfilment. There is a generation of worshippers arising who are grateful, thankful and humble in heart. My bride is arising in strength and with renewed vision. My broken body who sings my Name and who knows Me, will arise and worship me with all their heart and will not hold back in the day of trouble. The nations are shaking, but my army of lovers will sing, sing, sing, and praise, praise, praise me in all their ways! All over the world and in every place, the worshippers are arising! This is a year of extreme worship and extreme proclaiming of My heart. The worshippers get stronger in the day of battle. Keep your eyes on Me.

2015 will be a time of unprecedented FULLNESS!

The fullness of times is drawing near. The fullness of my love is breaking out over the earth. My Bride, the receiver of this love, will sparkle and shine with my goodness and my grace. New anointing and new wine is beginning to flow from my heart. 

This is the beginning of days of promise and fulfilment. The last few years sifted you and sorted you and now you are ready to receive My love in new ways. The new wine is coming and is now here! You are entering into days the prophets of old longed to see and behold.

Every thing is lining up for the fullness of Me revealed in My glorious Bride. Now is the time beloved bride to come away with Me. Be the bright and shining ones that radiate with luminous glory, so tangible and so full of light. The glory of my love will increase on you with signs and wonders and glory-filled manifestations of My kindness and goodness in the earth. The nature of the miracles will be surprising!

2015 is a time of alignment anew.

Ask and it will be given, I am pouring out the desires of your heart. Ask of Me and I will give you authority to change the culture of self to the culture of the King and His Kingdom. I am sifting and shifting the foundations so only My heart will be seen, in contrast to the world. The anointing to move walls and obstacles against my Kingdom is increasing and coming on you!

The love I have given you, let it shine out beloved, and let it GLOW in you. Don’t let the embers extinguish. Let love increase and abound. Let my love grow and flourish from the soil of your heart. Stay strong in Me. 

2015 is a time of fulfilment and deep love in me.

The overflow anointing is here and available to you. Be filled, be overflowing, be overwhelmed and be overawed by Me. Let my love astonish you. The “astonished ones” are arising, an army of ecstatic lovers who are growing in number by the day! The love they carry is a love found in the secret place. Come aside and be renewed in this love. Those who know this love will be strong in the midst of the evil and will do exploits.

An army of grateful and tender hearts; an army of intimate friends, who adore My Body, because they adore ME. The glory of my Bride will increase in the church and the glory of her fame in the earth is about to explode. Take heart and do not look back. Trust in me. Lay your fears and burdens down. The darkness is getting dark but my light is becoming more and more glorious. Get ready for a year of breakthrough and fullness.

I am arising in the nations to bring light, glory and peace. Stand in this love. Be washed in my light and be filled with my glory! The glory will increase like never before, and the goodness of my love will be on display for all to see!

2015 is a year of wild dreams being fulfilled!! 2015 is a year for infilling and fullness!!

– Released at New Earth Tribe Sunday gathering  11 Jan 2015