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The Glory Of God And Supernatural Transformation


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This refreshing, revelatory book will flood your heart with vision and hope on your personal journey from glory to glory.

In this fourth and final instalment in the Supernatural Transformation series, Phil Mason takes us on a journey deep into the hearth of New Testament revelation, exploring the many dimensions of the heart journey from the heart of the orphan to the heart of the mature son and daughter and from our fallen state of brokenness to glory!

Our Father is bringing many sons to glory! He is restoring the imagebearers who carry His image and likeness in this world. At the heart of this journey of divine theosis is our deepening encounter with the glory of the Father as we draw near to the consuming fire of His burning love.

Phil develops a theology of transformation that is solidly anchored in this deepening relationship with our loving Father who wraps His glory around our hearts to heal and transform our lives. This supernatural transformation is built upon the foundation of the new creation miracle but is it brought to completion through the kingdom ministry of Jesus as He ministers the glory of His revelation, power and love to transform our mind, will and emotions.


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