Fathers’ Heart Prophetic School Term 2 / 2021


The Fathers’ Heart Prophetic School is there for those who are ready to go on a deep journey into the prophetic and encounter a deeper understanding of the Father heart of God as we seek His voice for this generation.

You can now purchase the content of term 2 / 2021.
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Lecture 1 | The Spirit of Discernment and the Prophets

Lecture 2 | Understanding Revelation, Interpretation and Application. Pt 2

Lecture 3 | Understanding the Purity of Prophets e.g. Gnostic Teachings

Lecture 4 | Understanding Prophetic People

Lecture 5 (to be live streamed 1st of June)  | The Role of Worship alongside Intercession 

Lecture 6 (to be live streamed 8th of June) | The Role of Prophets in the 5 Fold



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