Intercession / BURN


Worship and prayer is without a doubt the heartbeat of our community.

We beat with the heart of God by encountering Him in worship and co-labouring with Him in prayer to see Heaven invade the earth. There is nothing that happens in New Earth Tribe that hasn’t first been bathed in prayer and wisdom from heaven.

We believe that we are powerful people and that through partnering with a powerful God in prayer we can affect the direction of our nation.

We run all kinds of prayer groups with varying flavours from regional to nations, indigenous to high schools and many others. Our heart is to build a 24/7 house of prayer here in Byron Bay and to establish a lifestyle of prayer within every heart.


“The BURN” is a grassroots worship and prayer movement that has been established by Sean Feucht ( to build and develop the 24/7 house of prayer. Currently there are BURN houses of prayer all around the world combining prayer and worship to contend for a huge outbreak of the glory of God in the nations of the earth.

Tribe resonated so much with the core values of the BURN that we connected with Sean several years ago and established a “BURN” in Byron Bay and have been hosting BURN meetings ever since.

We meet once per month to dedicate 6-12 or more hours to God in unbroken worship and intercession. These times are often extremely powerful and transformative to ourselves, to the region and nation.