CREATE Conference 2014

Workshops Blurbs

Please see below for a full list workshops & their blurbs


FRIDAY  12th Workshop 1: 2- 3:30PM



Eugene leads Candlelight Productions, an arts organisation that specialises in community development. He has a heart for excellence of both product and process, in the context of healthy community and an attitude of service. He will discuss how to survive – and thrive – as a little fish in a big pond.

Bring questions – about finances, HR issues, burnout, hearing God and more; Eugene will share wisdom gained from doing most of it wrong the first few times.


2. UNLOCKING THE PROPHETIC THROUGH ART > Inawantji Scales & Rosie Moulton 

God is always speaking to us and one of the main language he uses to communicate is pictures.  We are all called and created in the image of the creator and he loves to partner in creativity with his children.

Ina & Rosie have both been painting and doing prophetic art for many years and their passion is to help people develop their skills, to be able to paint what the Holy Spirit shows them. Ina will talk about how we can paint with faith and let the Holy Spirit take control of our hands so he can get His message out. Rosie will look at ways we can over come different barriers and step into greater artistic expression.

This will be a fun, practical workshop for everyone not just those who see themselves as artists! All art supplies  provided, so please come along, be activated in this powerful prophetic form and learn new ways to unlock the prophetic through art.


God is not interested in how you move but what moves you…… Sarah Jarvis takes you on a journey of discovering your God given ability to move and flow with the Holy Spirit. Instead of teaching you complex dance moves she shows you how to move your body directly from the emotions inside you…

This workshop is for anyone wanting to learn how to move without looking or feeling awkward but rather flowing with what God is doing within you.

4. NOURISH YOUR INNER FOODIE >  Donna Mahlburg & Shanti Wilby

This workshop will whet your appetite and get you thinking creatively in the realms of food, nutrition,cooking and hospitality. There can be many barriers and intimidation around food and cooking; our aims is to break these barriers down and show you how fun, creative and simple cooking can be.

You don’t have to be a foodie to sign up, this workshop is for everyone! We will cover: basic nutrition, practical keys to living a healthy lifestyle and basic cooking skills with interactive food demonstrations. We will also show you how to make some simple, healthy and delicious dishes, such as dips, green smoothies, bliss balls, and more!

Come along to stoke the fire in your belly and to stir a passion for food, health and hospitality!


FRIDAY 12th Workshop TWO: 4- 5:30 PM



The artistry that we create, be it painting, poetry, music, dance, etc. will always and inevitably speak to the condition of our world.

Our creativity is a social statement. An exploration of how we may choose to use our creative endeavours to draw people into an imagination of a world that could be.

2. COMEDY > Hans Hopgood

In this workshop you will learn about what makes us laugh and how we can laugh more. You will learn the art of making others laugh citing examples from all kinds of comedic geniuses.

We will look at the benefits of laughter to our body, soul and spirit and we will also engage in some workshop exercises to expand our creative capacity with comedy, learning how to craft a good joke or story as well as doing some improvisational exercises. By the end of the workshop you should have a sore belly as well as some tools for laughter not only for use in comedy but in all areas of your private and working life. I look forward to laughing with you.

Materials: Writing materials and paper as well as a little courage.


Creativity and hospitality are so important to the heart of the Father, & creating beautiful spaces whether it’s in your home or in a larger conference  setting can bring people into deeper understanding of their worth and lead them into an encounter with the generosity and beauty of Gods heart.

Naomi will unpack revelation on the wisdom of decorating and how it creates a platform for hosting Gods presence. She’ll also give you practical guidelines on how to create glorious spaces using lighting, colour, and your imagination!

This workshop will be lots of fun!! and will inspire you & equip you to bring the beauty of heaven into the everyday .

4. SOUND WORKSHOP > Chris Hobbs

Sound is an important role in the worship team and can potentially be a stressful area of serving. This workshop will explore the role of the sound technician in the worship team, ministering in peace, communication, and dealing with warfare. This workshop is for anyone who does sound or works with sound techs.


This workshop will encourage you, in a team, to dig deep into pictures, shapes and colours to discover what is hidden in there, and to know great things about God. We want to tap into the ancient mystical well of prophecy and partner with the Source of all creativity. It is a journey of awe, fun and fellowship.

No need to be an artist! Anyone can do this! All materials provided


SATURDAY 13th Workshop ONE:  2- 3:30PM



Is your church attracting people who live and think outside the box? God is raising up churches that will be a safe place for the prophetic artists who need prophets in leadership who understand the unique wiring of the artistic person.

Maria Mason is a prophetic leader with a genuine passion for prophetic artists and musicians.  She knows what makes them tick and how to empower them to release the glory of God in a safe environment that honours and edifies the unique temperament of  the prophetically gifted, without making it easy for them to “get away with funky stuff”.

If you desire to be a  pastoral person with a heart to see the artistic and prophetic community reach its full potential in the context of a glory community then this  workshop will powerfully equip you to pastor artists.


What is the difference between a G7 and a G major 7? What does a C#sus4 mean? Does E/G# mean I get to choose?

If you are (or are hoping to be) a member of a worship team, this workshop will help equip you to read tricky chord charts, use capos effectively, play appropriate parts for your instrument and understand how chords go together.

Whether you are a keyboardist, bassist, guitarist, vocalist, violinist or perhaps a drummer trying to keep up, this interactive workshop with Michelle (Music Teacher and core member of New Earth Tribe worship team) will attempt to answer all your worship team music theory questions.


What does it look like to host his presence in the business world? This workshop will give you kingdom principles to help you in the market place. For those in business, have a vision but don’t know how to bring it into fruition or simply want to see the kingdom come outside the four walls of the church. We will address poverty mind sets and help you to ignite the entrepreneur inside!


A poetry workshop for those who write and those who only dabble a little. This is an exploration that uses a poetic process to think about the stories that we tell and how they shape our self-perception.

5. KIDS DANCE/DRAMA WORKSHOP > With Jane Ambler / Grace Higgs 

Jane and Grace work with children regularly, and love to encourage kids to explore new realms of creativity and connectivity to the Spirit and their peers.

There is power that flows through creative dance and drama, and children have a unique ability to imagine, dream and create. Kids are encouraged to seek the spirit for inspiration, and join in with others for teamwork and fun in the creative process.

Please bring a special item that can be used for a prop, wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.

$5 per child (Kids Art Worshops are open to children 7 & over unless accompanied by a parent) Cost:


SATURDAY 13th Workshop  TWO: 4- 5:30 PM


1. HOSTING THE GLORY IN A WORSHIP TEAM > Maria Mason & Hans Hopgood

The role of a prophetic worship team is to usher in the glory. This is the mandate of the Levitical Priesthood, to be “called out” and separated to the work of ushering in the glory. The modern church has had an understanding that worship consists of a few happy songs and an intimacy song. This is going to become the ‘Ishmael’ of the past as God releases new revelation about this glorious ministry.

The worship team that desires to host the glory is the team that works together, releasing each other into each other’s unique anointings and works together to build a platform for the glory to fill the room.

A worship leader’s job is to discern the atmosphere and build a pathway for the people to be both ministered to but also to minister to the Lord. Its a brilliant journey and requires grace, dignity and leadership. This workshop will address the highs and the lows of the journey!!


Ina is a Pitjantjatjara woman and painted from the time she was a little girl, her passion is to help people develop their skills to be able to paint what the Holy Spirit shows them.

In this workshop Ina will share her journey into prophetic art, and will demonstrate some traditional techniques to the group.  The group will wait on the Holy Spirit together and produce a combined art work based on an indigenous style of art.


Eugene is a storyteller with a penchant for making audiences cry. He uses theatre, dance, music, comedy and other art forms to speak prophetically into contemporary culture.

Eugene will discuss the power of stories to reveal identity, redefine world views and ultimately to facilitate healing… and how we can tell stories in a more practical and powerful way.


This workshop is for the emerging writers who will write books that will change the world. Phil will introduce you to the amazing world of writing in a way that draws your readers into a glory encounter.

There is an art to writing books, articles, stories and children’s books that will capture the hearts of your audience. If you are stirred about using your writing gift to impact this generation then this workshop is for you.

Phil has published four books that are all selling well.  His first book, Quantum Glory, is now being translated into its fourth language and is creating an impact around the globe.  If you want to be inspired about the power of book writing as an expression of manifesting the glory of God then this workshop is definitely not to be missed!


God super creative and he loves creating with his kids!!! We will be learning about different ways that God speaks to us how we can get pictures from Him for ourselves and other people.

Rosie will also teach some fun basic art techniques. This workshop will be practical so please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on.

Bring: a good imagination –  all supplies provided.

Cost: $5 per child (Kids Art Worshops are open to children 7 & over unless accompanied by a parent)