We are  about to enter our 20th year as church and from our earliest days,
we have had a dream of owning a permanent facility in the Byron region. 




From our earliest days, we have carried the dream of obtaining our own permanent facilities.

Over the past 19 years we have rented various office and class room spaces in and around the Byron town centre. We have also hosted our weekly Sunday gathering and many conferences, festivals, art exhibitions and other events  in public spaces and halls across the  Byron Bay shire.


We currently  have around $130,000 saved for a deposit and are trusting God to help provide the rest.

We would like to invite you to partner with us financially to raise the funds for a deposit. We need approximately $800,000 to reach our deposit goal then we can borrow the rest from the bank. It’s an ambitious goal for a big dream and we would love your support to get there.

A Prophetic Vision

5 years ago without Knowing anything about Phil and Maria or that Tribe had been seeking the Lord for many years for a permanent dwelling place, Cindy Jacobs called Phil and Ree out at a conference and boldly prophesied over them; “The building is coming!” 


She was then drawn into a vision and began to describe an expansive ministry hub and many of the details on the property. She also saw a banner over the property saying; “God is Love!” 

While we already had the dream for our property, this prophecy stirred a deeper passion in our hearts to seek the Lord for a permanent ministry centre.

We have also had many other prophecies about “a building coming”, from other recognized prophets and apostles who have visited us over the years.

Our confidence is in God
and in His generous support for the advancement of His Kingdom in Australia


Tribe is a local church community of almost 200 believers and also a powerful missional centre with a strong mandate and vision for equipping and sending the beloved sons and daughters of God into the mission field around Australia and into Asia.

Our vision has always been to establish an embassy of Heaven fit for a company of passionate ambassadors of heaven that is located at the most easterly point of our nation.

Tribe is also the home of Naioth College, a training and equipping centre that offers an accredited course in radical kingdom ministry. Over the years we have sent out well over 200 radical lovers of God who have been powerfully activated in the kingdom ministry of Jesus.

This property would serve many functions including:

  • A Church Home at Last!
    Tribe needs a resting place to establish a ministry hub for our growing community.
  • Office Facilities. Tribe has a big base of administrative operations and we already rent a large office space in the heart of Byron Bay. We would transfer our administration centre to this new facility.
  • Soup Kitchen.
    This ministry has been running since 1996. It actually pre-dates the establishment of the church! It has had a huge impact into the community over the years. We will use the property to set up an industrial kitchen as a place to prepare meals for those who are financially challenged in the wider community.
  • Naioth College Training Centre. 
    Ever since 2003 we have been training students in the ‘Heaven invading Earth’ paradigm. This property would become the home of our reinvented, government accredited college.
  • Ministry into  the New Age Market Place.
    We also train people to penetrate the New Age Marketplace, taking powerful teams into some of Australia’s premiere New Age festivals.
  • The Wellness Centre.
    For years we have carried a vision to establish a healing centre as an extension of our local church ministry. This will become a place for pastors and leaders to come to be restored but also an outreach to the wider community.
  • A Spiritual Retreat Centre.
    The facility will be large enough to host regular spiritual retreat events that are designed to deepen our spirituality and our intimacy with God.
  • A Prayer House.
    We carry a vision for a 24/7 house of prayer for the nations. A number of years back we received a prophecy from Cindy Jacobs in which she went into an open vision and saw a ministry centre that housed a 24/7 house of prayer.
  • A Conference Centre.
    We plan to convert the current equestrian arena into a 1,000-seat auditorium for large Christian events as well as our regular weekly meetings.
  • Potential Business Opportunities.
    The property has infinite potential for a wedding business and auditorium hire. It already generates income through a cluster of small rented cottages and cabins.
  • Training as a Missional Base.
    Our vision is to create a strong missional base that trains people to carry our ‘Heart Revolution’ message to the nations.
  • A Missional Launchpad to the Nations. 
    We already conduct regular mission trips and leadership training events into Asia and South-East Asia. This new centre would become a powerful training centre for targeted training events.
  • The Byron Bay Healing Rooms.
    Our healing rooms are currently run out of our present office facilities. Our new centre would become the new home of the Byron Bay Healing Rooms that ministers healing to so many in our region.
  • Cafe, Art Gallery and Other Creative Spaces. 

“God never gives you a dream that matches your budget.” 


100-acre property, in the heart of Byron Shire

Recently a property currently used by The Byron Equestrian Centre has come on the market and it has tons of potential to become a centre of operations for Tribe and all of its ministries.


  • EASY ACCESS –  It is located just 2 kilometres north of the Byron Bay interchange  just off the Pacific Highway; a perfect central location, handy to visitors from the north and the south.
  • AUDITORIUM – 1,200-square metre undercover equestrian arena that could be enclosed to be transformed into a 1,000-seat auditorium.
  • OFFICE  –  The property also has a huge house that could be converted into an office complex for all our current administrative operations, replacing our current rented office facilities in the heart of Byron Bay.
  • 24/7 PRAYER HOUSE –  it has a ‘ready to go’ “House of Prayer” building that looks straight out toward the Byron Bay Lighthouse. It has long been a dream to have a 24/7 house of prayer located at the most easterly point of the nation.
  • OTHER BUILDINGS  – There are multiple rental facilities on the property that generate an income
  • PARKING – The property has tons of car parking space
  • ZONING-   The Land  is zoned by local council as a potential ‘place of worship’ so it ticks all the boxes with local government.


We would like to invite you to partner with us financially to raise the funds for a deposit.

We need approximately $800,000 to reach our deposit goal then we can borrow the rest from the bank. It’s an ambitious goal for a big dream and we would love your support to get there.

Once we can pull together the deposit the next step is to obtain the property and begin its transformation into a fantastic “Embassy of Heaven” at Australia’s most easterly point, with views out to the Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Please also partner with us in prayer

Our confidence is in God and in His generous support for the advancement of His kingdom in Australia.
Please pray for a powerful kingdom breakthrough and that the Lord would sovereignly provide us with the deposit to pursue this exciting kingdom venture.