(updated 2016)


Our ultimate goal as a Community is to live out the teachings of Christ by learning to walk in love. Jesus taught that deep love and affection was intended to be the defining characteristic of His followers. The love of Christ is unconditional; therefore if we are to love one another as Christ loved us, we will learn to love without conditions and all grow into having a ‘love filled’ experience of heaven on earth and community, as we live together.



Many believers love Jesus and many seek the Spirit, but so many do not know the Father heart of God. At the core of our ministry is the belief that we are bringing the lost sons and daughters’ home to the Father’s heart, who is a loving, kind and wonderful Papa! The work of the Father to set “the solitary in families” (Psalm 68) is at the heart of what it is to be an apostolic community. An apostolic community is a family where spiritual mothers and fathers live in harmony with spiritual sons and daughters as they pursue the advancement of the kingdom together.



We are a community of joy filled drinkers of the pleasures of God. We are called to be filled with the Spirit and live a joy filled supernatural life that transcends the natural possibilities. We agree that the Joy of God is our strength!


Peace and Rest

We value rest and peace. We believe in doing things in God’s strength and walking in peace. Those who walk with the Prince of Peace must emanate peace. We believe that a peaceful and rest-filled life will help us to live in sustained revival culture that doesn’t cause us to get burnt out, but will fuel us to walk further, climb higher and love more deeply.

Caring Leadership

Our pastoral care is made up of people who love people! We seek to be great lovers of all people and we believe in creating a place where people feel safe. We have intentionally disavowed all forms of manipulation, and control in our leadership style. We want to bring healing to church abuse victims not deeper wounding. With the grace of God we seek to minister according to the heart of the Lord in everything we do as leaders. We believe there is a realm of grace in which leader can establish the in the lives of people both the Lordship of Christ and reconnection to the authority of the Word of God without controlling or manipulating them. Caring but strong leadership is the ideal to which we continually aspire.


 The Grace of God

We believe that Christian living is built upon the foundation of the grace of God. Salvation is a free gift of God’s grace and we cannot earn a greater standing before God on the basis of our works. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the free gift of God – Not by works, so that no one may boast.” (Ephesians 2:8,9) We do works of faith for God (James 2:17) out the overflow of the grace and power we are given from God. God’s grace not only saves us, it also undergirds and empowers the Christian to serve and obey the Lord.


The Lordship of Christ

We are deeply committed to walking in obedience to the Lordship of Christ. We uphold the Lordship of Christ in our Community and to teach everyone to be submitted to what Christ has asked us to do. (Matthew 28:20) The Grace of God has been given to empower us, enabling us to live obedient lives.


Supernatural Power of God

The supernatural is the means by which the Kingdom of God will be revealed, established and experienced on earth and in our lives. Jesus preached the gospel. He cast out demons, He healed the sick, He healed the broken hearted, He fed the poor and he called us to do the very same things He did and more! We lay hold of the release of the power of the kingdom through prayer and fasting and train and equip believers in all areas of the supernatural


Healing the Heart

We all have broken hearted places within us! God is seeking to invade those places and heal us so we become more loving, more Christ like and better able to host His glorious presence! Our ministry is focussed on receiving the transformational, supernatural power of the Spirit to restore our emotions, hearts, minds and will to be what God desires us to be!


The Word of God

As a church we are in hot pursuit of the truth. We have a passion for teaching the undiluted Word of God and for laying hold of the word of the Lord to the Church. We believe that God is speaking to His Church both through the written Word and through the prophetic Word. When the two are combined and the Word of God is yoked to the prophetic, we begin to really grow as a church because every week we seek to receive a “word in season” from the Lord. (see Matthew 24:45)


Worship, Intimacy and Glory

This truly is at the core of all that we do. The cultivation of intimacy with God is the foundation for doing the works of the Kingdom. Without intimacy we will not know His voice and His heart for us. Jesus desires us to be a prophetic people who all learn to hear his voice and know his heart, to prophesy, to minister prophetically and to equip others. Worship is the very heartbeat of this pursuit of intimacy. As we gaze on Him in our worship we are transfixed by His character and glory and drawn into deep, transformative experiences of intimacy with the Father.



Revival and Intercession

We believe that creating a culture of revival where we call each other out of apathy and into fervent love is what God is longing for. Right now all across the earth, God is pouring out His Spirit and many are being filled with power, boldness and a new love for God. This revival culture will change the face of whole towns and even regions as the believers contend for His Spirit to be outpoured. Revival culture is rooted and grounded in prayer and intercession and because of that we have many intercession groups going throughout our week.


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